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Dishonest and Corrupt Liars, adiposity Immoral Thieves and Crooked Systems all have one thing in common. They all should never be allowed to continue hurting others without the blistering light of justice exposing their cruel and dishonorable evil ways, rx for all to see.

And that is exactly what we do! We help individuals and groups who have been taken advantage of, harmed or injured to finally have a means and method of standing up and fighting back against the vicious and wicked wrongs of evil doers once and for all and WIN!

We Help You Expose The Unjust Through Public Pressure!

We are your Justice Keeper Marketing Vanguards who have come together as a unified force to assist the disadvantaged regain their dignity by exposing the wrongs of the shameless and despicable psychopaths who for whatever greedy and or selfish reasons continue hurting others without any sense of empathy. We help those who have been wronged regain their dignity by exposing shameless psychopaths who for whatever sick reasons destroy the lives of others without any sense of right.  We assist the injured to ensure that their day of recognizing will come!


Start Your Own Online Petition Today!

What makes different from all other Online Petition’s is that you own it 100 %.  That’s right!  With you are not simply joining thousands of others signing up to start an online petition, you actually own every aspect of your own unique on-line petition; saying what you want, the way you want to say it in the manner, look and feel of how you wish to say it, WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS.


You own the sight and every aspect of the sight is specifically tailored to meet your specific needs and unique manner of expression without a moderator limiting you on what you can say and/or the way you can say it.  Your say over content provides 100% Freedom of Expression



With so many Judges and Attorneys being in the pocket of Banksters and Big Corporate Interest Groups and the (“so called”) Judicial System as a whole having become so corrupt and now commonplace for the average individual to find it almost impossible to secure any help from within the corrupted system to expose the sleaze of slimy attorneys and the despicable wrong doings of crooked judges running their dishonest for-profit screams from the bench; what’s an honest person who’s simply seeking justice to do?  That’s Where We Come In!


With non-compassionate Corporate Law Enforcement Agents being more like Militarized Civilian Armed Combat Forces (where the average person, men, woman and children are now treated as Enemies of The State, without being shown any of the common courtesies rightly afforded by their Basic Human Rights), and Law Enforcement no longer being a “SERVICE” Occupation For The People with protections being dictated By The People, where’s a person to turn for reliable help to fight the corrupted system and win? That’s Where We Come In!

Hows It Work?

As dynamically effective as it is, our unique system is actually rather simple! Our name says it all: PUBLIC PRESSURE, is now the only thing that seems to work these days when combating the shameless.  With powerful and corrupt forces becoming less and less concerned about the institutions that are in place to protect us from doing anything to correct their corrupt activities, about the only thing that works is to expose their ruthlessness with the hot and steering light of public scrutiny.  It use to be that one could simply go to the media (New Papers, T.V. and/or Radio) for help in situations in which corrupt officials were blatantly misusing their power or worst, profiting from under-the-table-deals cooked up by other crooked operative like Banks, Industrialist, Corrupt Mega Corps or other money influencers.  But not that the media is for the a large part in cahoots colluding and conspiring with those they use to watchdog over, mainstream media now seem to only want to get involved to help the little guy once the public (through Social Media and or Public Street Protests) make it trendy or fashionably correct to do so.

What Makes It Work?

YOUR OWN TEAM OF QUALIFIED EXPERTS!  Directing Public Opinion is now the only way to turn the tables on the-powers-to-be who are abusing their positions for profit and/or personal gain.  That’s our expertise!  You tell us exactly what happened and we can either take it from there or provide you with everything you’ll need to effectively bring clarity to the public’s eye as to whats been going on.  Your Personal Team of Justice Keepers are Social Media Marketing Experts who’s only job is correcting the injustice that has been perpetrated upon you!  In addition to designing and implementing for you your own personalized and 100 % “EXCLUSIVE” Social Media Public Opinion Campaign sure to get the roaches running and the media (not only interested in your story, but even more importantly) On Your Side is the only way to win!

How Do We Make It Work?’s SMMD (Social Media Marketing Devices) create your exclusive Viral-emailers, Facebook Hooks and Twitter fire-storms and every thing needed to not only bring significant public attention to the wrongs that have been done, our campaigns and effective social media blasters start the fires burning under those (you appointed) who are suppose to already be looking out for your best welfare and personal interest, but aren’t.  Big companies and powerful agencies whose only interest is their own financial bottom-line or how they’re viewed by the public eye all have one thing in common.  Like all bullies, they’re never afraid of weaker individuals, but on the other hand (also like all playground bullies) they’re for the most part usually cowards who shrink when the odds shift in favor of the weak.

Why Will It Work?

Think about it. When it comes to issues involving Government (local and/or national), larger  and powerful institutions or The Courts; with publicly elected or appointed officials such as The U.S. Attorney General, your Secretary of State or Local States Attorney only being able to investigate but a limited number of “politically” important issues, we can guarantee you; with Public Pressure your issue will receive far more of the kind of attention you’ll need in order to have the powers-to-be recognize your important issue as being one of the few worth their time, limited resources or personal political interest.  Its All About The Optics! If it makes them look better in the eyes of the public to assist you or your important cause apposed to the other guy, shining the brightest light ensures your the one that’s going to get assistance you need to win!

Our business is getting your cause the attention you need!

With the option of keeping your identity and personal life private.


Start Your Own Online Petition Today!

Because is extremely different other On-line Petitions, with you being 100 % in charge of how hard you hit back, you’ll be sure to find the campaign package that’s perfect for your cause, with NO RESTRICTIONS!


Because You Own Every Aspect Of Your “Exclusive” On-line Petition Website, with every aspect of your site’s specifications specifically tailored to the tee to meet the uniqueness of your individual voice and the distinct manner in which you wish to express your topic or cause without the intrusions of any moderator’s opinion limiting what you have to say or how you wish to say it!

Your Complete 100% Freedom of Expression is Guaranteed!



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